Announcement of FY 2024-2025 Grant Recipients

United Way of Oxford-Lafayette County Invests in the LOU Community to Produce Positive Outcomes for Local Residents

The United Way of Oxford-Lafayette County Board of Directors has approved the organization’s fiscal year 2024-2025 grant awards, with $200,000 awarded to eligible applicants serving the Lafayette-Oxford-University community.

The UWOLC will support 25 programs and initiatives as part of its FY 2024-2025 grant cycle. Recipients such as Family Crisis Services of Northwest Mississippi, The Leap Frog Program and Interfaith Compassion Ministry will use the awarded funds to improve health, advance education, promote financial stability and meet basic needs of Lafayette County residents.

“Our organization provides the means to support several outstanding programs and thousands of Lafayette County residents of all ages as well as backgrounds through a one-time or recurring donation,” UWOLC Executive Director Kurt Brummett said. “Many local nonprofits, including ours, are experiencing decreased giving and I encourage everyone with the ability to donate to please do so as every contribution to our United Way is an investment in our community that yields incredible returns.”

Brummett said financial assistance is critical as nonprofits respond to the LOU community’s heightened needs.

“Our organization as well as the numerous programs we fund depend on the generous support of our community,” Brummett said. “As local needs continually grow and the resources available to address them struggle to keep pace, every gift we receive makes a significant impact as we partner to help our neighbors in need.”

Volunteers from the LOU community lead the UWOLC’s community investment process by rendering all reviews, recommendations and decisions. The multi-step process aims to ensure each grant recipient will produce positive outcomes throughout Oxford and Lafayette County as the agencies manage the needs of residents. Donors can also designate their gifts and the funds will be applied to the identified agency’s grant award or the specified focus area.

“Our advisory and finance committee members along with our board have the unenviable task of addressing our community’s growing and evolving needs with a comparatively limited amount of funding,” Brummett said. “Teamwork, empathy and accountability are key tenets of our local United Way and I appreciate the dedication exhibited by every volunteer involved with our grant awards as well as our applicants and incredible supporters as we all work hand in hand to make a meaningful difference in the lives of local residents.”

Through its annual community investment process as well as other worthwhile contributions, the UWOLC advances its mission to improve lives and meet community needs by uniting people and resources. To learn more about the organization and its impact, visit